Why Hire A Buyer’s Agent? Here's Why


Why Hire A Buyer’s Agent?  Here's Why


Some buyers are not aware that they can hire a Real Estate Agent to help them procure a new home.  Still other buyers are aware that they can, but think that is is unnecessary. There are about 100 Reasons to Hire a Buyer’s Agent, and you can click here to see them all.  But in short there are a few major reasons that hiring a Buyer’s Agent is a no-brainer that can bring you great success in your home purchase.


In summary, here are the main reasons why it’s essential to hiring a Buyer’s Agent:

♦  It’s FREE!  That’s right, a Buyer’s Agent eventually gets paid by the seller's agent after the sale has closed.  The Buyer’s Agent works solely with the Buyer to protect their interests but it costs the buyer nothing. Best deal in town!!

♦  Buyer’s Agents can find you homes that are not on market.  A good agent can inform you about properties that they know are coming on market soon, or have recently gone off market.  A great Buyer’s Agent will even go knock on doors in a neighborhood that you love where there are no homes on market!

♦  Buyer’s Agents can preview homes that come on market when you’re otherwise too busy.  Sometimes a home may come on market that you might like but you’re too busy with work or family to go see it.  A good Buyer’s Agent can be your eyes and ears and let you know if maybe you should come see this home right away!

♦  Buyer’s Agents can help you secure the contract on your dream home.  There’s nothing worse than finding your dream home and then losing out by not having your offer accepted and another family gets the home. A good Buyer’s Agent can make sure you write a winning offer.  Do you really want to lose that home?

♦  Buyer’s Agents can negotiate the best deal for you.  A good Buyer’s Agent is a trained professional negotiator, who is aware of all the ins and outs of the Purchase Offer.  You’ll get the most favorable terms possible and the least amount of inconvenience and disruption to your life.

♦  Buyer’s Agents can save you money!  There are dozens of ways to save you money in the negotiation process and in the contract-to-close process between contract acceptance and Settlement.  A good Buyer’s Agent will know all of those and be able to save you thousands!

♦  Buyer’s Agents can make sure the contract does not fall through!  There are many pitfalls that you must be aware of during the Contract-to-Close process.  A good Buyer’s Agent will make sure you don't default, lose money in negotiations, or otherwise lose your dream house.

♦  Buyer’s agents have tons of good referrals.  During the process, you may need to hire a good lender, a good home inspector, a good mover, a good termite inspector, and on and on.   A good Buyer’s Agent will have access to professionals of all types that they know and trust, so that you can be sure they’re trusted.

♦  Buyer’s Agents will be there with you for life!  A good Buyer’s Agent doesn’t just stop communicating with you after Settlement.  Rather, they will make sure your move goes smoothly, that you’re all settled in properly, that the new home is as promised with no troubles!

In short, a Buyer’s Agent can do a world of good for you.  As you can see, there would be no reason to not have such a professional working for you.  Here at Keepin’ It Realty, we pride ourselves on superior service, knowledge, preparedness, communication, and overall professionalism, and as such we do all of these the bulleted points for our clients.  And we guarantee your satisfaction, or we’ll make it right.